November 5, 2020

IVDT Meeting, Seoul, South Korea.

Prof Tripathi invited as Faculty speaker to Interactive Vascular Diagnosis and Treatment Meeting (IVDT 2018), Seoul, Korea, August 31- September 2, 2018.

Prof Ramesh K Tripathi’s Schedule for IVDT 2018
Session Chair schedule
August 31 (Fri)13:30~14:40Peripheral arterial disease : Femoropopliteal
September 1 (Sat)15:10~17:20Disease of the abdominal aorta (3)
September 2 (Sun)13:00~14:40Pelvic venous disorders
Speaker schedule
DateTimeSessionTalk Title
August 31 (Fri)10:30Peripheral arterial disease : AortoiliacSevere TASC C and D iliac artery occlusive disease: endovascular and hybrid approach
September 1 (Sat)08:20Disease of the thoracic aortaHybrid techniques of complex thoracic aortic aneurysm: advantages and technical tips
September 2 (Sun)08:20Chronic venous obstructionManagement of iliofemoral post-thrombotic disease
September 2 (Sun)08:50Chronic venous obstructionRecorded live case (Valvuloplasty for deep venous insufficiency)
September 2 (Sun)11:25Special lectureMy long journey on the unmet needs for deep vein disease
September 2 (Sun)15:20Venous thromboembolismManagement of venous thoracic outlet syndrome